Different Ways Of Reducing Stress At Work?

By Andy D Gallagher

In this fast moving world, it is becoming more and more difficult to cope with work challenges. The stress that we take with us to workplace, and the stress that awaits us there, are increasing day by day. Whether we are employers, managers, or workers, we are all facing this pressure. Some stress is normal, but a lot of it affects our health, and hinders our productivity. Therefore, we should find ways to keep this stress under control, and fortunately, there are ways to do so.

The stress that a worker goes through is different from that of the employer. A worker faces pressure on himself due to the disturbed economy. He becomes very doubtful because of layoffs, budget cuts, or even job security. The ability to control stress makes one a good worker. The stress reduction can be done with a slight attitude change.

First, a worker should take responsibility of his work. Secondly, he should get rid of negative thinking, and thirdly, he should develop better communication skills to improve his relationship with fellow workers, and his employer.

The workplace stress for employers is different in the sense that it has a direct impact on the employees. They have to make themselves role models, so that their workers can work smoothly under their supervision. A good employer is the one who knows the positive and negative points of the workers. He knows how to manage them intelligently, and increase productivity. It is the duty of the employer to provide a stress free environment to his employees.

Following are some suggestions that employers should take for reducing stress at work. They should improve communication, by sharing information with their workers to reduce their fear of job uncertainty. The responsibilities of employees, or workers should be clearly defined. This communication should be friendly, and efficient.

The employees should be consulted on various criteria in company decisions that affect their jobs; this will help them reduce any fear of losing their jobs. Deadlines set should be realistic, so that they can work without pressure. The effort, which is put in by individual employees should be highly valued. Career focus and development opportunities should be given. The emotional intelligence also plays a vital role in reducing the stress level. This is something, which a person does not inherit, but has to develop with the passage of time.

An employee who is stressed at work can do the following things. Firstly, you can take some time off to break yourself away from a stressful situation, take a walk, and find a bench to sit on in the park, mediate for a while, or just listen to music. Secondly, you can talk with someone. It is one of the best ways to reduce stress if you share your troubles with someone. Thirdly, your friends at work could assist, and help you by reducing your workload. Fourthly, try to find some humour in a stressful situation.

To control stress at the workplace, you need to be well managed, and wise. There are different ways to do it. If you are a good time manager, you will be able to complete all your tasks efficiently. If you eat good, drink well, and stay away from all toxins, you will have a good healthy life, and it will help you perform well in your work. Sleeping early and exercising keeps your mind fresh, and your productivity is enhanced. - 32509

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Using NLP To Build Trust With Women

By Richard Brus

NLP can assist us to strengthen the quality of our communication skills with women. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) helps us to understand the differing aspects of neurological behaviour regarding communication. Once you begin to understand these differing aspects of communication it becomes advantageous for you whilst interacting with women. This is why NLP has been associated with seduction.

Seduction is simply utilizing the most effective means to communicate our desires and intentions. The more effectively we communicate, the greater the possibility of a woman harmonizing and aligning herself with our intent.

This is the reason that seduction is enhanced by NLP. When a man can swiftly access the true meaning within a woman's communications he becomes capable of changing the results of an interaction.

When people communicate they use a particular type of representational system. There are four types of systems and people primarily communicate through the lens of their personal hierarchy. The four systems are; visual, audio, kinesthetic (touch), and olfactory (smell and taste). By communicating with someone using their representational system a person is able to build rapport much faster.

Someone who is operating through the lens of a visual system will often communicate using terminology associated with vision. A typical example might be, "Try to picture what I'm saying here. As soon as you can envision what I mean you'll probably change your view point. Then you'll be able to see what I mean"

With a little practice it can become simple for you to adopt the same representational system in your conversational dynamics as the woman you are flirting with. It gives the woman the impression that you just seem to be able to speak her language.

A woman who uses an audio representational system would often use statements such as, "I just like the sound of it. I knew it was a good idea as soon as I heard it so immediately I tuned in. It was like music to my ears"

If a woman is adopting the kinaesthetic representational system as her primary mode of communication she's all about touch and sensations associated with it. Her sentences would sound similar to this, "As soon as I touched on the topic I could tell that he didn't feel comfortable talking about it. I just wanted to make him feel better but he seemed hurt and never warmed to the idea of discussing it"

The use of the olfactory system as a representational system hierarchy is quiet rare as most people are visual, kinesthetic or audio. An olfactory example is, "It was a really bitter and cold day but the way he thought about bringing a jumper along for me was really tastefully done"

Now that you're aware of how the different systems operate you'll be able to easily pick up on what system a woman is primarily using. You can then use that system to communicate with her much more effectively. Below is an example of a communication breakdown on a very subliminal level.

If a woman was communicating with you and she said, "I like the look of that place and I can picture myself going there someday", she would be classified as a 'visual'. If a man was to respond using the 'audio' system with something like, "That does sound good. It's got a good vibe and it seems nice and peaceful like you could just tune out. I hear you and its quiet a good idea, I must say"

Although the man is agreeing with the woman in the above example, to her it still seems like he is speaking a different language. It will rub her the wrong way at a subconscious level and she won't feel totally connected to him. However, if the man responded with, "I can see what you mean, that does look good. I too could definitely visualize myself going there", the outcome would be a lot different and the woman would be more at ease around the man.

When a man can easily identify the woman's preferred representational system and is able to utilize the same system, it's natural for the woman to feel more comfortable around the man. It can become easy with a little practice and it's always an advantage to have this embedded within your conversational dynamics. - 32509

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Deep Breathing for a Better Relaxed Mind and Soul

By Christopher Cohen

Respiring deep is a simple yet very effective exercise. It is easy to learn and perform, needs zero equipment, and promotes both physical and mental well being. The way in which we breathe can change the way that we feel. It helps release our stress, alters our mood, and gets our body to function smoother. The majority of the time, we accidentally breath shallowly. We do more of it when we are stressed and concerned. Shallow breaths don't permit sufficient oxygen to reach our organs, putting more stress on them and stressing out the body even more. Deep breathing technique can beat this vicious circle.

How to Start

To start with, sit up straight. Make sure that you aren't slumping or bending as it compresses the organs inside your body, especially your diaphragm and interferes with the exercise. Close your eyes and try maintaining a calm mood. Forget all of your routines worries and stresses. Try to work on your respiring process. You should be able to feel the air entering and leaving your body. Continuously attempt to inhale thru your nostrils and breathe in as deep as possible. You should be able to feel your stomach rise and fall as the air goes in and out of your body. In case, it's your chest you're feeling going up and down, you should know that you are breathing shallow. The breathed air is returning from your chest without entering your stomach. Try to breathe thru your nose Into the abdomen. Hold the air inside you for a second or 2. Breathe out slowly thru your mouth, focusing on the feel of slow, deep breaths.

Why It Works on the Body

To understand how respiring is affecting our health, let us take a fast look at the mechanics of breathing. Our diaphragm pumps air to our belly, ribcage, and back. It expands our chest cavity such the air pressure inside the body is smaller than outside. As a result, the air from outside rushes into the lungs. This pushes the blood from our heart to various organs and tissues and helps promote blood circulation.

Correct respiring is also needed to maintain an ideal balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide in our body. We need oxygen to keep our organs function actively, while we need CO2 to calm us down. Carbon-dioxide works like a natural tranquilizer. Shallow, frequent breaths expend too much carbon dioxide from our body making us feel slow and tired. Slow and deep breaths ensure we maintain the right balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body.

Deep breathing is a free stress control technique which can be performed anytime and anywhere. And it is highly straightforward : Breathe in and breathe out, and that's it. Do set apart few mins a day to treat your body to a magnificent supply of oxygen and the resulting relaxation. . - 32509

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Self Hypnosis MP3 to Conquer Addictions

By Christopher Cohen

You may not have heard about iDozer. iDozer is a musical MP3 that claims to enable you to unlock the hidden potential of your mind. Unlike substance abuse like alcohol or drugs, the digital drug uses frequencies to alter your mind state. This is fairly new and break alot of barriers when it comes to mind altering methods.

Mind modification and self hypnosis programs are gaining in popularity today. With all the self help books and courses, you must research which program is best for you. With iDozer, you are able to get the same effects of getting tipsy off your favorite drink without the risk of a hangover or making a fool of yourself. This digital cocktail is served up just by putting on a set of headphones.

Do your friends like to partake in recreational drug use but, your work situation won't allow you to indulge. iDozer MP3s are are great alternative to getting "high" with you friends without compromising your own health. So, grab for the headphones instead of that cocktail, or beer or other mind altering substance.

Binaural Beat Therapy was created to help aid in the recovery for an addiction. It uses the power of the subconscious mind to break the addiction or affliction. Using relaxation as a building tool, the mind begins to make new associations of feeling relaxed without the physiologically habit forming compounds found in many of today's street drugs.

IDozer and other self hypnosis audio can also help in boosting up ones self-confidence. This works by releasing the negative inner voices that stop us from believing that we are better. This negative self talk is the one thing that limits our own potential. By using iDozer, you can also achieve a better self image of yourself. You will be more confident knowing that you are in control of your life and you are improving your self.

Due to the nature of these audio files, parents should be aware of what their children are listening to as well. Although there are no age limit on listening to these files, the young should be aware and cautious from overdoing it. Just like with everything in life, moderation is the key. But remember, there are no physical side effects that occur because no substance is being ingested or taken. This is important for anyone who wants to enjoy a "party" like night without the risk of getting a hangover the next morning.

Unlike drugs which have harmful carcinogens or alcohol that effect the liver, Binaural Beat Therapy or iDozer works by stimulating your brain. It works by bringing your theta brain waves to a resting state which creates a feeling of being under the "influence". It's similar to the state of euphoria.

You can easily find iDozer MP3 files online. Just search for it and you will be able to start today. You just need to download the mp3, upload to your favorite Mp3 player and your headphones. Some may argue that this type of product should stay out of the hands of the young.

As with any product, negative news or media coverage will only propagate the curiosity to the youth. Some do consider this a digital drug and hope to suppress it. I believe that this tool should be kept in the industry of self help and mediation as it does help you create a better sense of who you are. In addition, it help bring you to a relaxed state of mind. You can join the other happy users of Binaural Beat Therapy and self hypnosis audio files. Happy listening! - 32509

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Conversational Hypnosis For Sales

By Ryan Camana

Conversational hypnosis or NLP Hypnosis has one of those eery rings to it. The term sounds like you'll be putting someone under your spell. This isn't exactly the case. Conversational hypnosis in its basic form is telling stories. Now there are more advanced methods, far too many to go into in this post. The point is, to have you prospect buy something from you, they have to imagine owning it already. The best way to do this is to tell a story.

Think about it. A good story is captivating. Whether its true or fictional it still intrigues the majority of people. Not only do stories hold our attention. The person listening to the story, has to, imagine him or herself in the story. That is how the human mind works. The mind thinks in metaphors or stories. So when you hear a story being told to you, your conscious mind is allowed to turn off. This allows the critical factor of your prospects mind to be temporarily deactivated.

My stepfather was one of those people who liked to count the shots fired from each gun in a movie. Even though he enjoyed a good story he kept his critical factor up for that one aspect. If a character fired 7 shots when a gun only held 6 bullets, boy would he tell me about it. Thankfully this type of person is rare. And aside from the number of shots being fired, my analytical stepfather, still allowed his critical factor to drop for the rest of the movie.

One of the specific conversational hypnosis techniques that you can use today is the command tonality. Pay attention to people speaking and you'll notice that when someone asks a question the pitch of their voice rises at the end of the sentence. When a person has a statement to make, the pitch at the end of the sentence is the same as the pitch in the beginning. Finally, when a person is telling someone what to do, the pitch at the end of the sentence is lowered.

What do you think happens when you ask a question, but don't use the question tonality? Instead you happen to use the command tonality at the end of the question. That is where the magic occurs. Give it a try the next time you are closing a sale. - 32509

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How Is Neurolinguistic Programing Defined?

By Trevor Johnson

Neurolinguistic programing- NLP- is a unique synthesis of psychology, hypnosis, linguistics and cybernetics. Basically it offers specific techniques and methods to increase personal effectiveness. Over the past 30 years millions of people worldwide were able to use the principles and techniques of NLP to change their behavior and results, at the same time influencing other people.

Think about the most successful people in the world: Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Warren Buffet, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Elton John, etc.. O they all were models of excellence in their field, whether it's about business, art, music, movies and sports. What exactly have they done to be successful? It. 's not necessarily to imitate them entirely to get the same results. All we have to do is to study their actions and way of thinking and follow the principles they applied in life so that we to get similar results.

NLP proves to be an extremely useful and easy to use tool for those who are concerned about their self improvement and development. The effectiveness of this new model of life comes from the fact that it can be adopted and used by anyone.

This method gives you the ability to achieve the most appropriate mental, emotional and physical state in a particular situation. NLP is based on studies conducted on successful people who have achieved remarkable results in career and personal life. This means that neuro-linguistic programming analyzes the structure of subjective experiences of people (the way they talk and act) to build models of excellence.

NLP was first promoted as a form of psychological therapy with positive effects on people with phobias, behavioral disorders, psychosomatic diseases, depression, etc. It was also described as the art and science of personal excellence or the science of communications brilliance. Excellence comes from having many choices.

This method explains how we can. "program. " our minds to achieve our goals through patterns of excellence. NLP principles are the same whether we want to model a psychotherapist or an exceptional leader. The same principles can be used to study successful strategies applied by exceptional managers and leaders. - 32509

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How To Easily Hypnotize Anybody For Fun And Pleasure

By George Hutton

Being able to hypnotize somebody is a cool party trick. It is also a powerful way to help somebody overcome some problems that are bothering them. One thing most people are surprised about is that it is pretty easy to hypnotize somebody. Maybe this is because going in and out of hypnosis is pretty natural for everybody. In this article I'll show how to hypnotize somebody using the permissive method. This means they know you are hypnotizing them, and have agree to go along with it.

One thing you'll need before you start is what they want. Do they want to quit smoking? Lose weight? Get rid of their craving for chocolate ice cream? Or do they just want a relaxed experience for a while? No matter what it is, respect their wishes and promise you'll do your best to make their wishes come true under hypnosis.

Have them sit or lay back comfortably in a chair or a couch. You don't need to use a watch or anything. What you will be doing is guiding there focused imagine, so just ask them straight away to close their eyes. Ask them to take several slow, deep breaths. And as they exhale each breath, ask them to feel more and more relaxed with each exhale.

Once they have become really relaxed and look like a bowl full of jelly, you can start guiding their attention. Get them to focus on each body part, starting with their head, and finishing on their feet, relaxing each part as they go.

Now's the time to start with the commands. You can tell them to do whatever they told you they wanted to do before. Stop smoking, or lose weigh, or whatever. Spend about ten minutes on this part. Speak slowly and relaxed, and try to match the rate of your speaking with the rate of their breathing.

After you're done reprogramming their brain, you can wake them up. Count slowly from one to five, and tell them that each step they will feel more awake. Once they are awake, give them a few minutes to shake it off. Then you can trade places, and have some more fun. - 32509

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NLP Can Allow You To Achieve Anything You Desire

By George Hutton

One of the greatest models of communication today is NLP. In this article, I'll give you a few tips and insights about NLP. While not exhaustive in the least, this article will give you a good starting point on your life long discovery and learning of NLP.

First of all, what exactly is NLP? It has been said that NLP is a model of excellence. OK, what exactly does that mean? Well, NLP was created by watching people who are the very best at what they do. And since the first people that were modeled were therapists, that used their words, NLP can be considered a model of excellence in communication.

One of the first people that were modeled with NLP was Milton Erickson. He created a whole new form of hypnosis called covert, or conversational hypnosis. Before Dr. Erickson, if you wanted to be hypnotized, you had to watch a watch swinging back and forth and listen to some creepy guy telling you that you were getting sleepy. Erickson changed all that. He told people stories that often made no sense at the time, but had powerful lasting effects.

By modeling this one genius, a whole collection of powerful communication strategies was developed. Today it is called the Milton Model, and there is a plethora of free information online that can help you to learn this. There is also an abundance of seminars out there where you can get some hands on experience at trying these powerful techniques.

Others have described NLP as the objective description of the subjective experience. Say you are afraid of dogs. Instead of asking why, and digging into your past when you were first bit, NLP asks how you are afraid of dogs. What images do you see, what do you imagine when you see a dog? Once you have these, it's easy to change them, and the fear of dogs can disappear.

The best use of NLP is it's ability to model any skill in any person so that you can develop it in yourself. If you want to be a good golfer, you an model Tiger Woods. If you want to be a great musician, you can model Beethoven. They don't even have to be alive. Once you learn how to model the excellence you see in others, the sky is the limit to your unlimited potential. - 32509

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Confidence Producing NLP Sales Technique

By Ryan Camana

One of the presuppositions of NLP sales is to always operate from a physiology of excellence. This means if you want to be excellent at something then adopt the posture and attitude of those people that are excellent at doing said action. Seems simple enough. Now there is a lot more to actually modeling someone, say like a boxer or great salesperson, than their posture. But how about if I let you in on a little secret body position that ALL people naturally use when they experience victory. A simple gesture you can use when your frustrated and down on yourself. Or when you have negative internal dialog just ruining your day.

This gesture that I'm writing about is actually a form of a pattern interrupt. A pattern interrupt is an NLP technique often used to break a negative cycle that may be occurring. All of our routine everyday actions are patterns. The unconscious mind, once having learned a task, executes this task in the same way. It follows step 1, 2, and 3 right to the end. Take for instance driving to work. If your like most people you take the same route everyday. That route quickly becomes a routine and you really don't have to think about it anymore. But what happens when you're driving to work and unexpectedly a tree has just fallen. Completely blocking your normal route. This is where the magic occurs. At this point you could make a decision to be angry and upset at the situation.

Or, you can decide, "My god! Think of what could have happened had I been a few seconds faster... I'm so grateful that I'm still alive. This is the best day ever.! I am so lucky."

You notice it's at that time of the pattern interrupt that you can make changes as to where your thoughts are going. At the time of the pattern interrupt, your unconscious mind is looking for instruction from you.

Its saying to you "Ok, what do you want me to do now?"

Like driving, most of your life is spent on autopilot. The unconscious mind runs its programs and patterns only looking for guidance when a decision needs to be made.

Ask yourself, what do people do when they accomplish something. Either they throw their fists in the air, or they pull them back into their sides. You've seen it before. Everyone uses the fist pump instinctively. Reading an article in science daily, I discovered that even blind people use the fist pump. Pretty amazing that its so ingrained in our culture. It doesn't actually matter which particular move you make, fists up or pulled into the sides. Either one will instantly give you the feeling that you're successful at whatever doing. Instant winners state.

This technique is effective in all manners of different areas. Whether you're working on some frustrating project or just need to get in a better mood. Throw your fists in the air and say "Yes!" We're all unconsciously programmed to react to this gesture. You can even do it in front of other people by pretending you're stretching and say the "Yes!" under your breath. It works for me every time.

When I first learned this technique I thought everyone would think I had finally lost it. The exact opposite occurred. I'd do this technique and everyone around me would want to know what was so exciting. People are so anchored with this gesture that they all wanted to join in on my success. - 32509

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NLP Rewind Technique - Get A Grip On Your Life Now!

By Trevor Johnson

There is nothing worse than being scared of something so much that it takes hold of your life in all its facets. It sometimes leads to anxiety, depression and a feeling of dread all day long. Or maybe you have a phobia that really creates all sorts of problems in your workplace. It is possible to get help quickly and in this article we will endeavor to offer some reprieve by explaining the NLP rewind technique.

It's not a new technique to deal with phobias, it's such that many people are now using this and word gets around of it's success stories. It is known as Neuro-Linguistic- Programming. In layman's terms it is how we program our minds to believe certain things whether it was something that happened to us in the past or near past, we love to replay and replay it until we sit with a phobia which affects our life and those around us.

Let's look at a report recently brought to our attention:

Janet is a 40 year old mother of two and wonderfully happy. Her husband as a great job and her children are excelling at school. Janet has just one problem though, she cannot drive a car. You see her her little brother died in a car crash when she was also just a toddler, and seems to think that she will also die if she drives car.

After a long discussion with her therapist they both decided on the rewind technique. Here is a brief summary of what transpired at her sessions:

At the beginning of the session she was asked to relax and do some breathing exercises. When she felt totally relaxed the therapist instructed her to visualize a cinema with a comfortable seats, a big screen, lots of popcorn and candy around her and that she is going to star in a fantastic movie. This movie is going to be about her trauma and it will be in lots of detail. She also had to make her movie in black and white so the mind can relate to the old problem. She was then asked to start the movie with her first memory of the accident.

Once her movie was playing, she would leave her chair and stand somewhere so that she could observe herself. She would then be able to see her reactions and facial expressions but realize that she was no longer in the movie, but just observing it from a distance. This created the important step of disassociation.

She was then gradually allowed to change the color of her movie into technicolor. This immediately brightened up the mood of the movie. She was then urged to watch her movie until the end in a position where she was not frightened because she was observing from the side lines, while rewinding and fast forwarding her movie and putting some positive scenes like music and nice objects around the actors. She started to imagine that she was driving in her little car, safe and sound while soothing music played on the radio.

Her movie ended with her driving a yellow beach buggy on a warm sunny day with a song the Beach Boys sang so well. The nlp rewind technique helped her and she is now mobile and confident behind the wheel. - 32509

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Anchoring - What It Can Do For You

By Trevor Johnson

Neuro linguistic programming anchoring is simply put, a higher state of mind that is used to bring peace and happiness. People choose to use this as a way to help them find more success and stay ahead of the game at not only work, but at home as well.

If you can learn to use NLP anchoring you can enable yourself to find a place in your mind that is free of stress and frustrations. At work this can be really helpful, but it can also be a good thing to use if you are simply aggravated with someone.

Studies that have been conducted on this have shown results that point to the ability to increase the effectiveness of the technique by finding more than one anchor to use at a time.

To actively practice this method all you need to do is put yourself in a state of mind where you are as happy as you were at some point in the past. Whether it be completing a tough projects, getting a promotion, becoming a parent or even winning some type of award, use what you have.

Different types of memories have the ability to have different effects on you. After you have found a good memory to use you just need to find a way to draw yourself back in to that happy mood at any time you need to use it.

This will not happen over night and does take a considerable amount of time to develop. Your specific anchor can be anything from a picture to a sound or even a person that gives you the strength to be the best that you can be. Most often, for parents, it is something that involves their children that works best for the, For others it may be something that didn't even anyone else but them.

While the list of things you can use can be rather long, what it really takes is a serious commitment on your part. Before ever attempting to use this method you need to sit down and really think about all of things in your life that bring you happiness. This is an easy way to put yourself in a better state of mind and keep you on track. - 32509

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One Sure Fire Tip To Ask Out Any Girl

By George Hutton

Here is a sure fire method to ask out a girl and have her say yes more often than not. It's easy, safe, and is virtually rejection proof. This simple method will put you head and shoulders above all those other guys out here who don't have a clue, giving you instant social proof and status.

The first step is to make sure you know her name, and she knows yours. That means you have to see her at least a couple times before you ask her out. If you ask out a random stranger in the coffee shop, you won't have as much luck as with this powerful sure thing method.

Next find out some of her interests. Anything she likes to do in her spare time is fine. The more things you know the easier it will be for her to say yes to your offer.

Now you've got that part covered, it's time to find or create an event based on her interests. Whatever it is, figure it out so it's connected to her interests in some way. This will make sense in a little bit.

Next, you will need to plan and go to the event by yourself first. Fully plan on going there alone, in your mind, before you pop the question. This will take the pressure off of her of saying yes or no. If you put too much pressure on her she might say no.

Now the big moment you've been waiting for. The big question. Only now, it's not so much a question, but an offer to join you in something you were planning on doing anyway. She'll sense this, and there won't be any pressure. She'll be much more likely to say yes.

Once you try this a few times, your self-confidence will skyrocket, making you more attractive than ever to girls. They will start asking you out. - 32509

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Learn Conversational Hypnosis

By Christopher Cohen

The first step to learning the skill of conversational hypnosis is to believe in yourself. This is the single most important facet of building your power of conversational hypnosis. Without the confidence to pursue the learning of this skill, you will ultimately fail. For those of you who are serious and willing to commit to the program, you will begin to yield the benefits of conversational hypnosis. The power of conversational hypnosis is based on two synergistic philosophies. These two schools of thought are pretty much identical. They are Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Together, these philosophies produce the art of conversational hypnosis.

The power of conversational hypnosis will give you the ability to influence people and your conversations with them in order to help improve you and your life. The basis of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis is through indirect suggestion that massages the unconscious mind in hopes that you will be able to resolve inner conflict that resides within your subconscious thus altering your behavior in what we commonly all refer to as Reality.

Through the proper implementation of conversational hypnosis, you can gain the upper hand during all business meetings and conversations. The power of conversational hypnosis works on the subconscious of the person being hypnotized and therefore is unaware of what is going on. This is accomplished through the use of indirect suggestion. In order for indirect suggestion to be accepted by the person being hypnotized they must first be induced into a state of relaxation in which their subconscious mind becomes more active.

Indirect embedded suggestion is how Neuro Linguistic Programming relates to the power of conversational hypnosis. Instead of a medical office environment, these techniques can be employed wherever and whenever. You may even find it fun and enjoyable to engage in conversation with just about anyone. The world will open up to you in ways that you never would have imagined. Every encounter will be an opportunity with the power of conversational hypnosis by your side.

One of the key things to remember is that the person you are speaking to must be relaxed. The more relaxed the person is that more they will be open to indirect embedded suggestion. For example, you can ask someone about their family, since family is typically personal and dear to them. However, if they seem to be agitated simply move to a another topic and shift your focus to that.

As you practice the power of conversational hypnosis, your skills in Ericksonian Hypnosis will become more natural and will become even more seamless as you induce the person into a state of relaxation. Once you've achieved this state of relaxation, you are now ready to embed indirect suggestions on the person. Neuro Linguistic Programming is now ready to be applied to the person in a deep state of relaxation.

The mind is very powerful but cannot distinguish between the 'don't' and the 'not's'. For example, you are bringing out a few glasses of lemonade to the patio for your guest. Suddenly someone says, "Don't spill them!". Now, it might seem to be a friendly reminder, but you have just increase the likelihood of you actually spilling the drinks. Why is this so? This is because the subconscious mind doesn't not process the "Don't" and your subconscious mind hears only "spill them!" This holds true when a start athlete chokes under pressure. He or she might have reaffirmed a negative thought.

Remember its very important to keep 'in mind' that words are very powerful and can lead to indirect suggestions. Again the mind cannot separate from the negative and positive thoughts that are put forth subconsciously. Just keep in mind when you apply the power of conversational hypnosis.

Through NLP, you will be able to transform your life and improve your wellness. The power of conversational hypnosis will also enable you to make real changes in other people lives as well. Casual conversations will be more exciting and rewarding through engaging their subconsciousness. You should give the power of NLP and conversational hypnosis a try and see the difference it makes. - 32509

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Covert Persuasion: Is It Good Or Bad?

By George Hutton

In this article I'd like to talk to you about the benefits of using covert persuasion to win other people over to your way of thinking. Many people think that this is manipulative or dishonest, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a powerful method to create good, positive feelings in others.

The first breakthrough idea is that most people simply are too timid to make decisions. That is why people will always gravitate towards a strong leader. The truth is that most people are followers. Study after study has shown this to be true. Even when researchers have taken a group of obvious "followers" and put them into a group together, an obvious leader quickly emerges.

Of course, despite having a preference for others making their decisions for them, most people would at least like to have their say. There's a reason democracy is the preferred method of government in advanced nations.

Being able to involve the customer in the decision making process is a powerful method of ensuring their long term loyalty.

One powerful benefit of this is that it reduces second guessing dramatically. If you've ever been talked into buying something that you really didn't want or need, you probably wanted to return it as soon as you got home.

When you use persuasion and involve the customer, they will not only be glad they bought from you, or decided to go along with your way of thinking, but they'll also tell all their friends about you. This can be great if you work in a referral system.

As you begin to understand the power that you can wield with these simple ideas, you can start to explore the many possibilities to apply them in your daily life. And you will soon become more powerful than you could ever imagine. - 32509

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How Hypnotism Can Help You

By Timothy Greensland

Hypnotism is the practice of a hypnotherapist guiding a subject into a meditative state. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion around about what is and is not hypnotism. Ever since the beginning of hypnotism, people have been fascinated by it.

A state of mind that can more easily be manipulated by outside forces for the affect of curing a disorder is often the goal in hypnosis. The hypnotherapist will help the patient they are treating achieve this meditative state of mind so that the new measures suggest by the hypnotherapist can be accepted more readily than they would under the patients normal state of mind.

Many people react to hypnosis differently. Surveys suggest that approximately 20% of the population cannot be hypnotized, and that 25% of the population can be hypnotized quite easily. The remainder of the population fall somewhere in between. This proves that whilst it can be a very useful tool, hypnosis might not be useful to everyone, but its difficult to tell who can and can;t be hypnotized until they try it.

In order to explain the process more fully, lets take a look at an example.

Lets take the example of a chain smoker. One way that a hypnotist may treat this smoker is to first hypnotize the smoker into a deep meditative state. Once in this meditative state the hypnotherapist will ask the subject about all the reasons why they smoke and all of the negative thoughts that they have about smoking and the negative affects that smoking has on their life. The hypnotist will then ask the smoker to think of good thoughts that they would experience if they gave up smoking. These thoughts are repeated as part of the therapy and these thoughts are also spoken out loud. In this way the hypnotist helps to change the perceptions of the patient about smoking.

Actively focusing on the negative and positive perceptions and the changes that have been learned during hypnotism is required for the patient to be successfully cured after the hypnotism sessions end.

Quitting smoking using hypnotism has worked for a large variety of people, many of whom go on to recommend the practice to their friends and family.

Don't let fear of the unknown or the fear of trying something new hold you back from trying a treatment that really could change your life. Many people have tried this form of therapy and found it works for them, it could work for you as well. - 32509

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