NLP Can Allow You To Achieve Anything You Desire

By George Hutton

One of the greatest models of communication today is NLP. In this article, I'll give you a few tips and insights about NLP. While not exhaustive in the least, this article will give you a good starting point on your life long discovery and learning of NLP.

First of all, what exactly is NLP? It has been said that NLP is a model of excellence. OK, what exactly does that mean? Well, NLP was created by watching people who are the very best at what they do. And since the first people that were modeled were therapists, that used their words, NLP can be considered a model of excellence in communication.

One of the first people that were modeled with NLP was Milton Erickson. He created a whole new form of hypnosis called covert, or conversational hypnosis. Before Dr. Erickson, if you wanted to be hypnotized, you had to watch a watch swinging back and forth and listen to some creepy guy telling you that you were getting sleepy. Erickson changed all that. He told people stories that often made no sense at the time, but had powerful lasting effects.

By modeling this one genius, a whole collection of powerful communication strategies was developed. Today it is called the Milton Model, and there is a plethora of free information online that can help you to learn this. There is also an abundance of seminars out there where you can get some hands on experience at trying these powerful techniques.

Others have described NLP as the objective description of the subjective experience. Say you are afraid of dogs. Instead of asking why, and digging into your past when you were first bit, NLP asks how you are afraid of dogs. What images do you see, what do you imagine when you see a dog? Once you have these, it's easy to change them, and the fear of dogs can disappear.

The best use of NLP is it's ability to model any skill in any person so that you can develop it in yourself. If you want to be a good golfer, you an model Tiger Woods. If you want to be a great musician, you can model Beethoven. They don't even have to be alive. Once you learn how to model the excellence you see in others, the sky is the limit to your unlimited potential. - 32509

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