How To Easily Hypnotize Anybody For Fun And Pleasure

By George Hutton

Being able to hypnotize somebody is a cool party trick. It is also a powerful way to help somebody overcome some problems that are bothering them. One thing most people are surprised about is that it is pretty easy to hypnotize somebody. Maybe this is because going in and out of hypnosis is pretty natural for everybody. In this article I'll show how to hypnotize somebody using the permissive method. This means they know you are hypnotizing them, and have agree to go along with it.

One thing you'll need before you start is what they want. Do they want to quit smoking? Lose weight? Get rid of their craving for chocolate ice cream? Or do they just want a relaxed experience for a while? No matter what it is, respect their wishes and promise you'll do your best to make their wishes come true under hypnosis.

Have them sit or lay back comfortably in a chair or a couch. You don't need to use a watch or anything. What you will be doing is guiding there focused imagine, so just ask them straight away to close their eyes. Ask them to take several slow, deep breaths. And as they exhale each breath, ask them to feel more and more relaxed with each exhale.

Once they have become really relaxed and look like a bowl full of jelly, you can start guiding their attention. Get them to focus on each body part, starting with their head, and finishing on their feet, relaxing each part as they go.

Now's the time to start with the commands. You can tell them to do whatever they told you they wanted to do before. Stop smoking, or lose weigh, or whatever. Spend about ten minutes on this part. Speak slowly and relaxed, and try to match the rate of your speaking with the rate of their breathing.

After you're done reprogramming their brain, you can wake them up. Count slowly from one to five, and tell them that each step they will feel more awake. Once they are awake, give them a few minutes to shake it off. Then you can trade places, and have some more fun. - 32509

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