Neuro Linguistic Programming Anchoring - What It Can Do For You

By Trevor Johnson

Neuro linguistic programming anchoring is simply put, a higher state of mind that is used to bring peace and happiness. People choose to use this as a way to help them find more success and stay ahead of the game at not only work, but at home as well.

If you can learn to use NLP anchoring you can enable yourself to find a place in your mind that is free of stress and frustrations. At work this can be really helpful, but it can also be a good thing to use if you are simply aggravated with someone.

Studies that have been conducted on this have shown results that point to the ability to increase the effectiveness of the technique by finding more than one anchor to use at a time.

To actively practice this method all you need to do is put yourself in a state of mind where you are as happy as you were at some point in the past. Whether it be completing a tough projects, getting a promotion, becoming a parent or even winning some type of award, use what you have.

Different types of memories have the ability to have different effects on you. After you have found a good memory to use you just need to find a way to draw yourself back in to that happy mood at any time you need to use it.

This will not happen over night and does take a considerable amount of time to develop. Your specific anchor can be anything from a picture to a sound or even a person that gives you the strength to be the best that you can be. Most often, for parents, it is something that involves their children that works best for the, For others it may be something that didn't even anyone else but them.

While the list of things you can use can be rather long, what it really takes is a serious commitment on your part. Before ever attempting to use this method you need to sit down and really think about all of things in your life that bring you happiness. This is an easy way to put yourself in a better state of mind and keep you on track. - 32509

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