Different Ways Of Reducing Stress At Work?

By Andy D Gallagher

In this fast moving world, it is becoming more and more difficult to cope with work challenges. The stress that we take with us to workplace, and the stress that awaits us there, are increasing day by day. Whether we are employers, managers, or workers, we are all facing this pressure. Some stress is normal, but a lot of it affects our health, and hinders our productivity. Therefore, we should find ways to keep this stress under control, and fortunately, there are ways to do so.

The stress that a worker goes through is different from that of the employer. A worker faces pressure on himself due to the disturbed economy. He becomes very doubtful because of layoffs, budget cuts, or even job security. The ability to control stress makes one a good worker. The stress reduction can be done with a slight attitude change.

First, a worker should take responsibility of his work. Secondly, he should get rid of negative thinking, and thirdly, he should develop better communication skills to improve his relationship with fellow workers, and his employer.

The workplace stress for employers is different in the sense that it has a direct impact on the employees. They have to make themselves role models, so that their workers can work smoothly under their supervision. A good employer is the one who knows the positive and negative points of the workers. He knows how to manage them intelligently, and increase productivity. It is the duty of the employer to provide a stress free environment to his employees.

Following are some suggestions that employers should take for reducing stress at work. They should improve communication, by sharing information with their workers to reduce their fear of job uncertainty. The responsibilities of employees, or workers should be clearly defined. This communication should be friendly, and efficient.

The employees should be consulted on various criteria in company decisions that affect their jobs; this will help them reduce any fear of losing their jobs. Deadlines set should be realistic, so that they can work without pressure. The effort, which is put in by individual employees should be highly valued. Career focus and development opportunities should be given. The emotional intelligence also plays a vital role in reducing the stress level. This is something, which a person does not inherit, but has to develop with the passage of time.

An employee who is stressed at work can do the following things. Firstly, you can take some time off to break yourself away from a stressful situation, take a walk, and find a bench to sit on in the park, mediate for a while, or just listen to music. Secondly, you can talk with someone. It is one of the best ways to reduce stress if you share your troubles with someone. Thirdly, your friends at work could assist, and help you by reducing your workload. Fourthly, try to find some humour in a stressful situation.

To control stress at the workplace, you need to be well managed, and wise. There are different ways to do it. If you are a good time manager, you will be able to complete all your tasks efficiently. If you eat good, drink well, and stay away from all toxins, you will have a good healthy life, and it will help you perform well in your work. Sleeping early and exercising keeps your mind fresh, and your productivity is enhanced. - 32509

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