NLP Rewind Technique - Get A Grip On Your Life Now!

By Trevor Johnson

There is nothing worse than being scared of something so much that it takes hold of your life in all its facets. It sometimes leads to anxiety, depression and a feeling of dread all day long. Or maybe you have a phobia that really creates all sorts of problems in your workplace. It is possible to get help quickly and in this article we will endeavor to offer some reprieve by explaining the NLP rewind technique.

It's not a new technique to deal with phobias, it's such that many people are now using this and word gets around of it's success stories. It is known as Neuro-Linguistic- Programming. In layman's terms it is how we program our minds to believe certain things whether it was something that happened to us in the past or near past, we love to replay and replay it until we sit with a phobia which affects our life and those around us.

Let's look at a report recently brought to our attention:

Janet is a 40 year old mother of two and wonderfully happy. Her husband as a great job and her children are excelling at school. Janet has just one problem though, she cannot drive a car. You see her her little brother died in a car crash when she was also just a toddler, and seems to think that she will also die if she drives car.

After a long discussion with her therapist they both decided on the rewind technique. Here is a brief summary of what transpired at her sessions:

At the beginning of the session she was asked to relax and do some breathing exercises. When she felt totally relaxed the therapist instructed her to visualize a cinema with a comfortable seats, a big screen, lots of popcorn and candy around her and that she is going to star in a fantastic movie. This movie is going to be about her trauma and it will be in lots of detail. She also had to make her movie in black and white so the mind can relate to the old problem. She was then asked to start the movie with her first memory of the accident.

Once her movie was playing, she would leave her chair and stand somewhere so that she could observe herself. She would then be able to see her reactions and facial expressions but realize that she was no longer in the movie, but just observing it from a distance. This created the important step of disassociation.

She was then gradually allowed to change the color of her movie into technicolor. This immediately brightened up the mood of the movie. She was then urged to watch her movie until the end in a position where she was not frightened because she was observing from the side lines, while rewinding and fast forwarding her movie and putting some positive scenes like music and nice objects around the actors. She started to imagine that she was driving in her little car, safe and sound while soothing music played on the radio.

Her movie ended with her driving a yellow beach buggy on a warm sunny day with a song the Beach Boys sang so well. The nlp rewind technique helped her and she is now mobile and confident behind the wheel. - 32509

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