Covert Persuasion: Is It Good Or Bad?

By George Hutton

In this article I'd like to talk to you about the benefits of using covert persuasion to win other people over to your way of thinking. Many people think that this is manipulative or dishonest, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a powerful method to create good, positive feelings in others.

The first breakthrough idea is that most people simply are too timid to make decisions. That is why people will always gravitate towards a strong leader. The truth is that most people are followers. Study after study has shown this to be true. Even when researchers have taken a group of obvious "followers" and put them into a group together, an obvious leader quickly emerges.

Of course, despite having a preference for others making their decisions for them, most people would at least like to have their say. There's a reason democracy is the preferred method of government in advanced nations.

Being able to involve the customer in the decision making process is a powerful method of ensuring their long term loyalty.

One powerful benefit of this is that it reduces second guessing dramatically. If you've ever been talked into buying something that you really didn't want or need, you probably wanted to return it as soon as you got home.

When you use persuasion and involve the customer, they will not only be glad they bought from you, or decided to go along with your way of thinking, but they'll also tell all their friends about you. This can be great if you work in a referral system.

As you begin to understand the power that you can wield with these simple ideas, you can start to explore the many possibilities to apply them in your daily life. And you will soon become more powerful than you could ever imagine. - 32509

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