Confidence Producing NLP Sales Technique

By Ryan Camana

One of the presuppositions of NLP sales is to always operate from a physiology of excellence. This means if you want to be excellent at something then adopt the posture and attitude of those people that are excellent at doing said action. Seems simple enough. Now there is a lot more to actually modeling someone, say like a boxer or great salesperson, than their posture. But how about if I let you in on a little secret body position that ALL people naturally use when they experience victory. A simple gesture you can use when your frustrated and down on yourself. Or when you have negative internal dialog just ruining your day.

This gesture that I'm writing about is actually a form of a pattern interrupt. A pattern interrupt is an NLP technique often used to break a negative cycle that may be occurring. All of our routine everyday actions are patterns. The unconscious mind, once having learned a task, executes this task in the same way. It follows step 1, 2, and 3 right to the end. Take for instance driving to work. If your like most people you take the same route everyday. That route quickly becomes a routine and you really don't have to think about it anymore. But what happens when you're driving to work and unexpectedly a tree has just fallen. Completely blocking your normal route. This is where the magic occurs. At this point you could make a decision to be angry and upset at the situation.

Or, you can decide, "My god! Think of what could have happened had I been a few seconds faster... I'm so grateful that I'm still alive. This is the best day ever.! I am so lucky."

You notice it's at that time of the pattern interrupt that you can make changes as to where your thoughts are going. At the time of the pattern interrupt, your unconscious mind is looking for instruction from you.

Its saying to you "Ok, what do you want me to do now?"

Like driving, most of your life is spent on autopilot. The unconscious mind runs its programs and patterns only looking for guidance when a decision needs to be made.

Ask yourself, what do people do when they accomplish something. Either they throw their fists in the air, or they pull them back into their sides. You've seen it before. Everyone uses the fist pump instinctively. Reading an article in science daily, I discovered that even blind people use the fist pump. Pretty amazing that its so ingrained in our culture. It doesn't actually matter which particular move you make, fists up or pulled into the sides. Either one will instantly give you the feeling that you're successful at whatever doing. Instant winners state.

This technique is effective in all manners of different areas. Whether you're working on some frustrating project or just need to get in a better mood. Throw your fists in the air and say "Yes!" We're all unconsciously programmed to react to this gesture. You can even do it in front of other people by pretending you're stretching and say the "Yes!" under your breath. It works for me every time.

When I first learned this technique I thought everyone would think I had finally lost it. The exact opposite occurred. I'd do this technique and everyone around me would want to know what was so exciting. People are so anchored with this gesture that they all wanted to join in on my success. - 32509

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