One Sure Fire Tip To Ask Out Any Girl

By George Hutton

Here is a sure fire method to ask out a girl and have her say yes more often than not. It's easy, safe, and is virtually rejection proof. This simple method will put you head and shoulders above all those other guys out here who don't have a clue, giving you instant social proof and status.

The first step is to make sure you know her name, and she knows yours. That means you have to see her at least a couple times before you ask her out. If you ask out a random stranger in the coffee shop, you won't have as much luck as with this powerful sure thing method.

Next find out some of her interests. Anything she likes to do in her spare time is fine. The more things you know the easier it will be for her to say yes to your offer.

Now you've got that part covered, it's time to find or create an event based on her interests. Whatever it is, figure it out so it's connected to her interests in some way. This will make sense in a little bit.

Next, you will need to plan and go to the event by yourself first. Fully plan on going there alone, in your mind, before you pop the question. This will take the pressure off of her of saying yes or no. If you put too much pressure on her she might say no.

Now the big moment you've been waiting for. The big question. Only now, it's not so much a question, but an offer to join you in something you were planning on doing anyway. She'll sense this, and there won't be any pressure. She'll be much more likely to say yes.

Once you try this a few times, your self-confidence will skyrocket, making you more attractive than ever to girls. They will start asking you out. - 32509

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