How Hypnotism Can Help You

By Timothy Greensland

Hypnotism is the practice of a hypnotherapist guiding a subject into a meditative state. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion around about what is and is not hypnotism. Ever since the beginning of hypnotism, people have been fascinated by it.

A state of mind that can more easily be manipulated by outside forces for the affect of curing a disorder is often the goal in hypnosis. The hypnotherapist will help the patient they are treating achieve this meditative state of mind so that the new measures suggest by the hypnotherapist can be accepted more readily than they would under the patients normal state of mind.

Many people react to hypnosis differently. Surveys suggest that approximately 20% of the population cannot be hypnotized, and that 25% of the population can be hypnotized quite easily. The remainder of the population fall somewhere in between. This proves that whilst it can be a very useful tool, hypnosis might not be useful to everyone, but its difficult to tell who can and can;t be hypnotized until they try it.

In order to explain the process more fully, lets take a look at an example.

Lets take the example of a chain smoker. One way that a hypnotist may treat this smoker is to first hypnotize the smoker into a deep meditative state. Once in this meditative state the hypnotherapist will ask the subject about all the reasons why they smoke and all of the negative thoughts that they have about smoking and the negative affects that smoking has on their life. The hypnotist will then ask the smoker to think of good thoughts that they would experience if they gave up smoking. These thoughts are repeated as part of the therapy and these thoughts are also spoken out loud. In this way the hypnotist helps to change the perceptions of the patient about smoking.

Actively focusing on the negative and positive perceptions and the changes that have been learned during hypnotism is required for the patient to be successfully cured after the hypnotism sessions end.

Quitting smoking using hypnotism has worked for a large variety of people, many of whom go on to recommend the practice to their friends and family.

Don't let fear of the unknown or the fear of trying something new hold you back from trying a treatment that really could change your life. Many people have tried this form of therapy and found it works for them, it could work for you as well. - 32509

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