Different Ways Of Reducing Stress At Work?

By Andy D Gallagher

In this fast moving world, it is becoming more and more difficult to cope with work challenges. The stress that we take with us to workplace, and the stress that awaits us there, are increasing day by day. Whether we are employers, managers, or workers, we are all facing this pressure. Some stress is normal, but a lot of it affects our health, and hinders our productivity. Therefore, we should find ways to keep this stress under control, and fortunately, there are ways to do so.

The stress that a worker goes through is different from that of the employer. A worker faces pressure on himself due to the disturbed economy. He becomes very doubtful because of layoffs, budget cuts, or even job security. The ability to control stress makes one a good worker. The stress reduction can be done with a slight attitude change.

First, a worker should take responsibility of his work. Secondly, he should get rid of negative thinking, and thirdly, he should develop better communication skills to improve his relationship with fellow workers, and his employer.

The workplace stress for employers is different in the sense that it has a direct impact on the employees. They have to make themselves role models, so that their workers can work smoothly under their supervision. A good employer is the one who knows the positive and negative points of the workers. He knows how to manage them intelligently, and increase productivity. It is the duty of the employer to provide a stress free environment to his employees.

Following are some suggestions that employers should take for reducing stress at work. They should improve communication, by sharing information with their workers to reduce their fear of job uncertainty. The responsibilities of employees, or workers should be clearly defined. This communication should be friendly, and efficient.

The employees should be consulted on various criteria in company decisions that affect their jobs; this will help them reduce any fear of losing their jobs. Deadlines set should be realistic, so that they can work without pressure. The effort, which is put in by individual employees should be highly valued. Career focus and development opportunities should be given. The emotional intelligence also plays a vital role in reducing the stress level. This is something, which a person does not inherit, but has to develop with the passage of time.

An employee who is stressed at work can do the following things. Firstly, you can take some time off to break yourself away from a stressful situation, take a walk, and find a bench to sit on in the park, mediate for a while, or just listen to music. Secondly, you can talk with someone. It is one of the best ways to reduce stress if you share your troubles with someone. Thirdly, your friends at work could assist, and help you by reducing your workload. Fourthly, try to find some humour in a stressful situation.

To control stress at the workplace, you need to be well managed, and wise. There are different ways to do it. If you are a good time manager, you will be able to complete all your tasks efficiently. If you eat good, drink well, and stay away from all toxins, you will have a good healthy life, and it will help you perform well in your work. Sleeping early and exercising keeps your mind fresh, and your productivity is enhanced. - 32509

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Using NLP To Build Trust With Women

By Richard Brus

NLP can assist us to strengthen the quality of our communication skills with women. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) helps us to understand the differing aspects of neurological behaviour regarding communication. Once you begin to understand these differing aspects of communication it becomes advantageous for you whilst interacting with women. This is why NLP has been associated with seduction.

Seduction is simply utilizing the most effective means to communicate our desires and intentions. The more effectively we communicate, the greater the possibility of a woman harmonizing and aligning herself with our intent.

This is the reason that seduction is enhanced by NLP. When a man can swiftly access the true meaning within a woman's communications he becomes capable of changing the results of an interaction.

When people communicate they use a particular type of representational system. There are four types of systems and people primarily communicate through the lens of their personal hierarchy. The four systems are; visual, audio, kinesthetic (touch), and olfactory (smell and taste). By communicating with someone using their representational system a person is able to build rapport much faster.

Someone who is operating through the lens of a visual system will often communicate using terminology associated with vision. A typical example might be, "Try to picture what I'm saying here. As soon as you can envision what I mean you'll probably change your view point. Then you'll be able to see what I mean"

With a little practice it can become simple for you to adopt the same representational system in your conversational dynamics as the woman you are flirting with. It gives the woman the impression that you just seem to be able to speak her language.

A woman who uses an audio representational system would often use statements such as, "I just like the sound of it. I knew it was a good idea as soon as I heard it so immediately I tuned in. It was like music to my ears"

If a woman is adopting the kinaesthetic representational system as her primary mode of communication she's all about touch and sensations associated with it. Her sentences would sound similar to this, "As soon as I touched on the topic I could tell that he didn't feel comfortable talking about it. I just wanted to make him feel better but he seemed hurt and never warmed to the idea of discussing it"

The use of the olfactory system as a representational system hierarchy is quiet rare as most people are visual, kinesthetic or audio. An olfactory example is, "It was a really bitter and cold day but the way he thought about bringing a jumper along for me was really tastefully done"

Now that you're aware of how the different systems operate you'll be able to easily pick up on what system a woman is primarily using. You can then use that system to communicate with her much more effectively. Below is an example of a communication breakdown on a very subliminal level.

If a woman was communicating with you and she said, "I like the look of that place and I can picture myself going there someday", she would be classified as a 'visual'. If a man was to respond using the 'audio' system with something like, "That does sound good. It's got a good vibe and it seems nice and peaceful like you could just tune out. I hear you and its quiet a good idea, I must say"

Although the man is agreeing with the woman in the above example, to her it still seems like he is speaking a different language. It will rub her the wrong way at a subconscious level and she won't feel totally connected to him. However, if the man responded with, "I can see what you mean, that does look good. I too could definitely visualize myself going there", the outcome would be a lot different and the woman would be more at ease around the man.

When a man can easily identify the woman's preferred representational system and is able to utilize the same system, it's natural for the woman to feel more comfortable around the man. It can become easy with a little practice and it's always an advantage to have this embedded within your conversational dynamics. - 32509

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Deep Breathing for a Better Relaxed Mind and Soul

By Christopher Cohen

Respiring deep is a simple yet very effective exercise. It is easy to learn and perform, needs zero equipment, and promotes both physical and mental well being. The way in which we breathe can change the way that we feel. It helps release our stress, alters our mood, and gets our body to function smoother. The majority of the time, we accidentally breath shallowly. We do more of it when we are stressed and concerned. Shallow breaths don't permit sufficient oxygen to reach our organs, putting more stress on them and stressing out the body even more. Deep breathing technique can beat this vicious circle.

How to Start

To start with, sit up straight. Make sure that you aren't slumping or bending as it compresses the organs inside your body, especially your diaphragm and interferes with the exercise. Close your eyes and try maintaining a calm mood. Forget all of your routines worries and stresses. Try to work on your respiring process. You should be able to feel the air entering and leaving your body. Continuously attempt to inhale thru your nostrils and breathe in as deep as possible. You should be able to feel your stomach rise and fall as the air goes in and out of your body. In case, it's your chest you're feeling going up and down, you should know that you are breathing shallow. The breathed air is returning from your chest without entering your stomach. Try to breathe thru your nose Into the abdomen. Hold the air inside you for a second or 2. Breathe out slowly thru your mouth, focusing on the feel of slow, deep breaths.

Why It Works on the Body

To understand how respiring is affecting our health, let us take a fast look at the mechanics of breathing. Our diaphragm pumps air to our belly, ribcage, and back. It expands our chest cavity such the air pressure inside the body is smaller than outside. As a result, the air from outside rushes into the lungs. This pushes the blood from our heart to various organs and tissues and helps promote blood circulation.

Correct respiring is also needed to maintain an ideal balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide in our body. We need oxygen to keep our organs function actively, while we need CO2 to calm us down. Carbon-dioxide works like a natural tranquilizer. Shallow, frequent breaths expend too much carbon dioxide from our body making us feel slow and tired. Slow and deep breaths ensure we maintain the right balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body.

Deep breathing is a free stress control technique which can be performed anytime and anywhere. And it is highly straightforward : Breathe in and breathe out, and that's it. Do set apart few mins a day to treat your body to a magnificent supply of oxygen and the resulting relaxation. . - 32509

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Self Hypnosis MP3 to Conquer Addictions

By Christopher Cohen

You may not have heard about iDozer. iDozer is a musical MP3 that claims to enable you to unlock the hidden potential of your mind. Unlike substance abuse like alcohol or drugs, the digital drug uses frequencies to alter your mind state. This is fairly new and break alot of barriers when it comes to mind altering methods.

Mind modification and self hypnosis programs are gaining in popularity today. With all the self help books and courses, you must research which program is best for you. With iDozer, you are able to get the same effects of getting tipsy off your favorite drink without the risk of a hangover or making a fool of yourself. This digital cocktail is served up just by putting on a set of headphones.

Do your friends like to partake in recreational drug use but, your work situation won't allow you to indulge. iDozer MP3s are are great alternative to getting "high" with you friends without compromising your own health. So, grab for the headphones instead of that cocktail, or beer or other mind altering substance.

Binaural Beat Therapy was created to help aid in the recovery for an addiction. It uses the power of the subconscious mind to break the addiction or affliction. Using relaxation as a building tool, the mind begins to make new associations of feeling relaxed without the physiologically habit forming compounds found in many of today's street drugs.

IDozer and other self hypnosis audio can also help in boosting up ones self-confidence. This works by releasing the negative inner voices that stop us from believing that we are better. This negative self talk is the one thing that limits our own potential. By using iDozer, you can also achieve a better self image of yourself. You will be more confident knowing that you are in control of your life and you are improving your self.

Due to the nature of these audio files, parents should be aware of what their children are listening to as well. Although there are no age limit on listening to these files, the young should be aware and cautious from overdoing it. Just like with everything in life, moderation is the key. But remember, there are no physical side effects that occur because no substance is being ingested or taken. This is important for anyone who wants to enjoy a "party" like night without the risk of getting a hangover the next morning.

Unlike drugs which have harmful carcinogens or alcohol that effect the liver, Binaural Beat Therapy or iDozer works by stimulating your brain. It works by bringing your theta brain waves to a resting state which creates a feeling of being under the "influence". It's similar to the state of euphoria.

You can easily find iDozer MP3 files online. Just search for it and you will be able to start today. You just need to download the mp3, upload to your favorite Mp3 player and your headphones. Some may argue that this type of product should stay out of the hands of the young.

As with any product, negative news or media coverage will only propagate the curiosity to the youth. Some do consider this a digital drug and hope to suppress it. I believe that this tool should be kept in the industry of self help and mediation as it does help you create a better sense of who you are. In addition, it help bring you to a relaxed state of mind. You can join the other happy users of Binaural Beat Therapy and self hypnosis audio files. Happy listening! - 32509

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Conversational Hypnosis For Sales

By Ryan Camana

Conversational hypnosis or NLP Hypnosis has one of those eery rings to it. The term sounds like you'll be putting someone under your spell. This isn't exactly the case. Conversational hypnosis in its basic form is telling stories. Now there are more advanced methods, far too many to go into in this post. The point is, to have you prospect buy something from you, they have to imagine owning it already. The best way to do this is to tell a story.

Think about it. A good story is captivating. Whether its true or fictional it still intrigues the majority of people. Not only do stories hold our attention. The person listening to the story, has to, imagine him or herself in the story. That is how the human mind works. The mind thinks in metaphors or stories. So when you hear a story being told to you, your conscious mind is allowed to turn off. This allows the critical factor of your prospects mind to be temporarily deactivated.

My stepfather was one of those people who liked to count the shots fired from each gun in a movie. Even though he enjoyed a good story he kept his critical factor up for that one aspect. If a character fired 7 shots when a gun only held 6 bullets, boy would he tell me about it. Thankfully this type of person is rare. And aside from the number of shots being fired, my analytical stepfather, still allowed his critical factor to drop for the rest of the movie.

One of the specific conversational hypnosis techniques that you can use today is the command tonality. Pay attention to people speaking and you'll notice that when someone asks a question the pitch of their voice rises at the end of the sentence. When a person has a statement to make, the pitch at the end of the sentence is the same as the pitch in the beginning. Finally, when a person is telling someone what to do, the pitch at the end of the sentence is lowered.

What do you think happens when you ask a question, but don't use the question tonality? Instead you happen to use the command tonality at the end of the question. That is where the magic occurs. Give it a try the next time you are closing a sale. - 32509

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