Your Further Understanding NLP

By Matthew Jones

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, teaches us that most of the limitation we face in life are in fact, limitations we set for ourselves. Instead of seeing opportunities as within our grasp that we can strive to achieve, we instead see these things are being out of reach. These self-limiting and self-defeating thoughts hold us back and prevent us from making the most of the chances presented to us. We don't live our lives to the fullest extent of our potential because we block ourselves from achieving our goals before we can even begin to try to accomplish them. NLP hopes to change that.

One of the most important lessons taught by NLP is how to be more self aware. By opening our eyes to who we really are and why we really do what we do, we are able to change negative behavior patterns and eliminate the obstacles we place in our own way. NLP teaches the importance of positive self dialogue. Everyone talks to themselves - whether or not they're willing to admit it. This is completely normal. Unfortunately, most of this self-talk is negative and self-defeating. We well ourselves we can't do something when we should instead be telling ourselves we can. The road to a happier life begins with allowing ourselves to believe we deserve it.

Because NLP focuses so much on personal improvement by working with inner dialogue and personal perception, it has become a favorite method of life coaches and those in the self-help industry. NLP is also gaining popularity in the business world as one of the fundamentals of NLP methodology is more effective communication. That makes NLP invaluable to business executives - especially those in marketing.

By working with NLP, people can learn how to recognize a wider range of opportunities available to them because those self-limiting thoughts are eliminated. Instead of looking at a job and thinking there is no possible way you could get it, you are told to think, at the very least it is worth applying. With the added benefit of better communication skills, you do better in job interviews.

NLP also teaches you the valuable skill of adaptation and heightened awareness. You are able to better read people and see if you are getting the reaction from them that you desire. If your goal is to have someone understand what you're saying as opposed to just hear what you're saying, you can watch for their body language and judge decide whether or not your goal is being accomplished. If you're not getting the response you desire, NLP teaches you how to adjust your behavior - your language, your body language - and to adapt to the situation to achieve the desired response. - 32509

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