Hypnosis Techniques and Patience

By Dr. Anthony Taylor

The power of hypnosis uses the art of suggestion to influence the behaviors and thoughts of other people. But this doesn't guarantee you will obtain any results right away. Understanding this potent and simple fact separates the advanced hypnotist from the novice hypnotist.

You can see immediate results when you persuasion peoples' conscious minds. However, if the type of persuasion you are practicing involves the art of influencing people's unconscious mind, then you will need to be long-suffering and let the seeds you are planting in someone's mind enough time to take root and grow.

In hypnosis, this is referred to as seeding of suggestion. . However, a very important thing to keep in mind about the process of seeding suggestions is that you should not over water your seeds so that you end up interfering with your own suggestions.

What this means is that after you plant your suggestions, you must water them and them leave them alone so the can grow. It takes time to persuade people on unconsciously levels, because their conscious mind will need time to catch up with their unconscious mind. Nevertheless, it will happen exactly as you planned, and the reason why you know this is because you went through the process of installing the suggestions into their mind. All you need to do afterward is wait.

Without doubt, one of the core hypnotic secrets is that there is a gap between suggesting and actually experiencing the rewards of what you are suggesting. A lot of beginners who don't understand the element of time end up giving up because they don't feel they are getting results quick enough. However, if you can be patient with people, you will develop the ability to have power over their minds completely. - 32509

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