First Step In NLP

By Landon Rivera

There are two basic principals of beginning to work with Neuro-Linguistic Programming which can greatly improve a person's life by teaching them how to control their emotional reactions, move further in their career and improve behavioral problems. This powerful, fast and effective method of psychotherapy - called NLP for short - can assist a person on their journey to a happy, more fulfilled life.

The first step, though, is deciding that you are ready to change. Without a willingness to accept that many of your problems are caused by the way you think, you are going to get limited use out of NLP therapy. NLP seeks to help you change, but if you are unreceptive to the ideas and methodology behind it, there is little anyone can do. The change first starts with you.

Set Goals:

The first step in NLP therapy is to set achievable goals keeping in mind exactly what you hope to accomplish. Don't be vague. Wanting to improve your life isn't the answer you're looking for you. You have to know exactly what you need to improve your life - what needs to change, what needs to stay the same, what needs to be added and what needs to be removed are all questions you need to ask yourself at this time. For this reason, setting goals may take longer and be more involved than you expected, but it is necessary if you want to see real results.

When you have answered the questions posed above it is time to state your goals. Leave the negativity at the door here. Phrase your goals in a positive way. You almost must be able to see, hear, feel, taste or touch the results. In other words, you must be able to have tangible results. This way you can test your results and physically experience your achievements. Make this easier by visualizing your results as you set your goals. Imagine all aspects of that goal and achieving it. You also have to be responsible for keeping track of your results yourself. This is important because you don't want your progress to depend on someone else. Also be sure the result does not limit you in any way. The goal of NLP is opening yourself up to choice and option. Do not set a goal that robs you of either of those things.


Awareness is of vital importance. Setting a goal is of little help if you can't tell whether or not you progressing. You have to be able to see the progress in yourself but also, be able to read your progress in the people you interact with. Read them carefully for their reaction to you and watch to see if it is changing as it should be. You should be able to see positive changes in the way they interact with you. The great thing about NLP is it shows you how to do that as well. - 32509

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