10 Unrealistic And Exceptional Phobias

By Andy D Gallagher

People have fears of many kinds like that of height, death, water, clouds, fight etc., but this fear, when becomes unreasonable and excessive, transforms in to a phobia. It depends upon your nerves as to when you lose self-control and become unable to compose yourself. This fear of a certain thing beyond sanity is called Phobia.

Phobia is an intense, irrational and constant fear of certain things, situations, activities or even people. This is a mental disorder, which, if not overcome, disturbs the personal, social and economic life of an individual; it might be rooted to a traumatic situation, which one cannot overcome.

Many people have phobias for weird things, which are common in our lives. These phobias are usually not easy to control and are not dangerous for our lives. A few of these odd and impractical phobias are:


It is the phobia of washing, cleaning and bathing, and is usually found in women and children who are not emotionally stable.


Surprisingly dancing can also develop in to a phobia for some people who are afraid to do it although it is done to express their feelings and joy.


Can someone be afraid of buttons? Koumpounophobia is a fear of buttons; people suffering from it might be afraid of similar things like discs, coins, etc.


Another strange and funny phobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the top of your mouth, called Arachibutyrophobia. People, having this fear, do not chew rather swallow peanut butter.


Strange, but true is the fact that people even have phobias for developing a phobia, which usually is related to a mental confusion.


A very strange phobia is estiophobia; fear of clothes. The sufferers are not afraid of the all kind of clothes but of a certain type and material. Moreover, it is found in people who are fat and middle aged; they think that clothes make them look shabbier.


Men and teenage children have a strange phobia from beautiful women. They are scared of their beauty and are usually not straight.


Everyone looks at someone at some point in time. However, people have a fear of being looked at, which is quite weird, and bizarre.


Who would not want to hear good news? There are people who are afraid of good news as they believe good news is always followed by a bad one.


Hearing opinions from other people about their own personality, job, home, features, etc. is another phobia that people might have since they are afraid about someone passing comments about them. - 32509

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