What Damage Does Anger Do To Your Body?

By Andy D Gallagher

Anger is a state of mind when a person loses its senses that lead to awful consequences. It is harmful in all cases. Ethically and medically, anger is bad. There has been increased awareness in people about anger management in recent times. No matter how hard you do exercise, and how good you eat, you cannot make up the damage you do to your body when you are angry.

In anger, your body has to go through severe negative effects. There are different physical signs associated with anger. In anger, the blood pressure shoots up very quickly. Some people grind, and clench their teeth in anger. The muscles tend to get stiff. Many people feel chest pains, sweating and chills. Headaches and migraines are also very common in many people.

Chronic anger is very problematic, and the people who go through to this state may have medical problems like ulcer, indigestion, constipation, and intestinal cramps. These are some mild effects of anger, and in extreme conditions, the person can have heart attack, or kidney failure.

Medical research tells us that anger affects directly to heart muscles. Those people, who remain angry most of the time, are more likely to become victim of heart attacks because the weak muscles do not work well to pump blood. The angriest people always have cardiac problems, and high blood pressure.

Whether it is undeveloped anger, or not, it tends to damage a person even if the ways are diverse. Long-lasting anger can have a terrible consequence on the skin. Research has shown that the people who restrain their anger on diverse occasions are probable to have skin diseases like eczema, rashes as well as acne. When it comes to skin health, the resolution of anger is the healthier way, as the skin disorders tend to recover when people determine their anger.

Besides having the obvious consequences, concealed anger also has a psychological effect. When one suppresses anger, it may direct to despair, insomnia as well as nightmares. In adding up, it can also cause consumption disorders, and can cause obsession to drugs, or alcohol. In some cases, all these symptoms can show the way to self-destructive behaviour. These things can unfavourably influence the way people interrelate, and communicate to each other.

What happens to our body when we become angry? In anger, our body releases chemicals and hormones. Adrenaline and non-adrenaline are two hormones, which affect the body organs. Adrenaline hormones affect the sympathetic nervous system. In turn, the heart is stimulated, and coronary vessels become dilated. Due to this reason, the blood vessels, and intestines become narrow, and it affects the digestion.

In order to encourage an affirmative thinking as well as preserve good healthiness, it is imperative for people facing excessive anger issues to get assist with anger management, and find some imaginative outlet for letting out the annoyance, so that it does not damage their physical condition in ways that can be hazardous. - 32509

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