Using NLP To Reduce Stress

By Owen Bailey

Although there are wide ranging applications for the methodology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one of the most commonly utilized purposes for NLP in today's society is in the field of marketing and business. More and more managers, advertising executives and CEOs are using NLP to reduce the stress in their own lives and help their employees manage stress, achieve goals and communicate more effectively.

NLP is especially useful in a competitive field where you have to excel to advance. Since NLP can help you not only improve your communication skills but also feel more confident and more capable - therefore willing to take more chances. Even if you aren't rewarded with that promotion, NLP also helps you take away the positive aspects of being passed over - learning how you can improve and better communicate your desires - and leave behind the negative aspects like hurt feelings and disappointment.

When two people communicate, there are all sorts of hidden signals sent out on both sides. These signals are sent via body language, mannerisms, the way you speak words, the tone of voice you use - all of these things can sometimes speak louder than the actual words themselves. If you are at a job interview and your body language is saying you are unprepared and unconfident you are likely not going to get the job. That nervous body language is created in your mind. NLP can help uncover what is causing that insecurity and eliminate it. By doing so, at your next interview you will have confident, prepared body language and have a much better chance of getting the job.

NLP teaches the value of being able to adapt to different social situations so you will be prepared for any scenario. By simply adjusting your posture, tone of voice and body language to match that of the person you're talking to you build a sort of connection with them. You are better able to find common ground because they will feel like they are speaking with an equal rather than someone below or above them.

NLP also helps remove the self-defeating thoughts each of us has so that we are better able to reach our fullest potential. By freeing ourselves of the thoughts that tells us we can't achieve a goal, suddenly, we are telling ourselves that we can. Believing we can makes us work harder and strive to reach the goal that once seemed unattainable. That confidence makes all the difference in the world of business and in life in general.

NLP is a great tool for anyone to utilize to live their life to the fullest and improve every aspect of their life. - 32509

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