Your Self-Assurance And NLP Anchoring

By Trevor Johnson

When you think of an anchor, chances are, a mental image of a boat comes to mind. What is the anchor of a boat used for? It is used to keep the boat in one place, right? Well, NLP Anchoring is basically the same. It is a method used to keep us in the right frame of mind. We condition ourselves to respond a certain way to certain situations.

As you will see, we as humans have the same automatic responses to our environment. Which surprises people, even though it shouldn't. After all, we share a lot of our DNA with other creatures, you we should expect to share the same kind of responses at least some of the time.

Maybe you do not know why you react the way you do to certain situations, then again, maybe you do. All of us have memories and feelings associated with those memories. Of course, they are not all good; but, they are not all bad either. The goal of NLP Anchoring is learning new associations with stimuli.

While experiencing the situation that makes you uncomfortable, think of NLP Anchoring; focus on a memory that gives you positive feelings. Keep focusing on that memory until the undesired feelings subside. Perform this exercise repeatedly until your mind automatically associates the positive feelings with the event.

While you are in a good mood, touch the palm of your hand, or something like that. While touching the palm of your hand think of a pleasant memory. Repeat this until every time you touch the palm of your hand, you feel happy. There is your anchor to bring you to a happy state of mind when you are not so happy.

What about knowing that a certain situation or person is going to make you experience unwelcomed feelings? NLP Anchoring addresses this issue as well. Identify the situation or person, when the undesirable feelings appear, think of a time when you had good feelings. Keep doing this until you are able to think of the person, place or thing without experiencing the bad feelings. - 32509

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