Hypnosis techniques--Integrate Power Loops With Suggestions

By Dr. Anthony Taylor

Have you ever told someone something, but the person whom you were speaking to fully forgot that you said it? At times you can tell someone the same thing again and again, and yet not once does it ever seem like they heard anything you said. This is a ordinary break down in communication that is more common than you originally may have thought. It is for this reason that hypnosis trainers have always taught the necessity of including repetition with your communication tactics.

Hypnotists are also well informed that people are not likely to take in a suggestion unless the suggestion is repeated. This is why many hypnosis secrets are integrated with repetition. A hypnotist will repeat suggestions in unique ways so that the suggestion is likely to take root.

In fact, not only do you have the option of repeating the hypnosis methods that you are using, most hypnosis techniques NEED to be repeated in order for them to be efficient. Persuasion secrets are administered through the art of suggestion. However, in order for hypnotic suggestions to take root, they need to be repeated enough times so that they will successfully take root in the person's unconscious mind whom you are influencing.

The strategy used to repeat hypnotic suggestions is called a Power Loop. You use Power Loops to continue looping around hypnotic suggestions in order to make your suggestions strong enough to take root in a person's unconscious mind. When you loop around a hypnotic suggestion, you are making the hypnotic suggestion more powerful. It goes without saying that the more power loops you use, the more strength you add to your persuasion techniques.

As a rule, most competent hypnotists use what is recognized as The Blackjack rule as a standard to decide how many Power Loops they should use to replicate their suggestions. The Blackjack rule states that a hypnotic suggestion should be recurring 21 times in order for the hypnosis procedure to take root in a person's unconscious mind to the point where the suggestion is able to grow and produce results. - 32509

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