Overcoming Your Fear Of Being Alone

By Trevor Johnson

Psychologists refer to fear as being an instant emotional reaction to a threatening situation or a perceived feeling of being under attack. It is the feel of being in a dangerous position. Some may also argue that fear is all about your emotions and your specific response to a stimulus such as a disease, pain or in feeling in danger. Many will have a serious fear of being alone.

People always craving the attention and the company of others could be said to be suffering from the fear of being alone. They will feel extremely comfortable when they are at social events or when they are surrounded by a number of persons, feeding their desire for the need of appreciation and attention.

The fear of solitude can be termed monophobia, which is an unhealthy phobia causing panic attacks. Also, a person suffering from this condition may also experience hurtful treatments of scorn and ridicule; furthermore, they will be abused by friends, who will irritate them by putting them in situations where they are alone.

This feeling will make persons experience low self confidence. Furthermore common symptoms of people undergoing monophobia are excessive sweating, dry mouth, nausea and sickness. This person's heart rate will increase causing them to unable to breathe properly or speak. They will have violent shakings and the possibility exists that they will lose control over the soundness of their mind.

Drugs and medication are useful options in treating persons who suffer with the fear of being alone; however most medication will come with serious side effects. Moreover, there is no guarantee that these drugs will be effective in curing the disease. And, of course, not everyone believes that masking the symptoms with medication is the best option anyway.

Another method of treating this condition is using self-help NLP, which will help in training the person how to appreciate the importance enjoying their solitude. There are some remarkably effective programs available for this. - 32509

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