Hypnotic Mind Control's Three Major Persuasion Systems

By David Drake

Covert hypnosis skills are vast and in some cases there are too many techniques being taught that cannot be used in real life situations. Covert hypnosis generally falls into three systems of persuasion:

1) Social Strategy 2) Covert language patterns 3) The Art of Seduction

Most of the information available only focuses upon one persuasion system. What usually happens is you are taught the techniques of mind control hypnosis and then expected to be able to modify these universal hypnosis techniques in order to make them applicable towards various persuasion systems. This reveals that most hypnotic mind control programs do not give you the entire hypnosis training you need to get the things you want.

Social status and power involves getting the best jobs, raises at the work place, and the ability to make powerful alliances that will assist you in your efforts to become successful. Covert language patterns involves sleight of mouth and other conversational hypnosis techniques that you can use to persuade people through language. Seduction involves the most optimal way to communicate with members of the opposite sex in order to increase the likelihood of being able to date more attractive people.

All three of these parts of hypnosis are exceedingly important, but without uncertainty, social status and power are the most important because by obtaining social status, everything else that you want will in due course fall into place. Nevertheless, it is good to study hypnotic mind control that covers as much territory of the art of persuasion as possible. The more you know, the further you can go. Everyone knows that those who increase in knowledge increase in power.

However to learn covert persuasion secrets and to practice hypnosis mind control tactics are two entirely different things. If you are serious and actually apply what you are being taught to real life situations, you will achieve the results you are looking for. Covert persuasion is like anything else in life: The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. - 32509

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