10 Unrealistic And Exceptional Phobias

By Andy D Gallagher

People have fears of many kinds like that of height, death, water, clouds, fight etc., but this fear, when becomes unreasonable and excessive, transforms in to a phobia. It depends upon your nerves as to when you lose self-control and become unable to compose yourself. This fear of a certain thing beyond sanity is called Phobia.

Phobia is an intense, irrational and constant fear of certain things, situations, activities or even people. This is a mental disorder, which, if not overcome, disturbs the personal, social and economic life of an individual; it might be rooted to a traumatic situation, which one cannot overcome.

Many people have phobias for weird things, which are common in our lives. These phobias are usually not easy to control and are not dangerous for our lives. A few of these odd and impractical phobias are:


It is the phobia of washing, cleaning and bathing, and is usually found in women and children who are not emotionally stable.


Surprisingly dancing can also develop in to a phobia for some people who are afraid to do it although it is done to express their feelings and joy.


Can someone be afraid of buttons? Koumpounophobia is a fear of buttons; people suffering from it might be afraid of similar things like discs, coins, etc.


Another strange and funny phobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the top of your mouth, called Arachibutyrophobia. People, having this fear, do not chew rather swallow peanut butter.


Strange, but true is the fact that people even have phobias for developing a phobia, which usually is related to a mental confusion.


A very strange phobia is estiophobia; fear of clothes. The sufferers are not afraid of the all kind of clothes but of a certain type and material. Moreover, it is found in people who are fat and middle aged; they think that clothes make them look shabbier.


Men and teenage children have a strange phobia from beautiful women. They are scared of their beauty and are usually not straight.


Everyone looks at someone at some point in time. However, people have a fear of being looked at, which is quite weird, and bizarre.


Who would not want to hear good news? There are people who are afraid of good news as they believe good news is always followed by a bad one.


Hearing opinions from other people about their own personality, job, home, features, etc. is another phobia that people might have since they are afraid about someone passing comments about them. - 32509

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Using Hypnosis For Seduction

By Richard Brus

On a coffee date there is a couple of good ways to flirt. One such way is using a technique called Seductive Hypnotic Descriptions or SHD's. By talking about certain topics you can easily incorporate this technique within the context of your conversations. SDH's will cause women to subliminally experience the feelings necessary for them to feel attraction. The most important factor when building a connection with her that is based in sexual tension is how you can make her feel.

There are lots of normal words that can be associated with sexuality and this is the foundation that Seductive Hypnotic Descriptions are built upon. 'Sensitive', 'hard', 'soft' and 'wet', are all average words that are laden with sexuality and innuendo. Seductive Hypnotic Descriptions make use of these words by utilizing them within sentences whilst describing something or telling a story. When an SHD is used to tell a story whilst adopting the correct tone and rhythm, a strong connection that is based in sexuality can be created.

The trick is to get a woman to ask you a question so you can answer her question with a SDH. The easiest way to do this is to simply ask her the question you want her to ask you. If you ask a woman what her favorite flavor of ice-cream is, 99% of the time after she tells you she'll ask you the same question back. If you want a woman to ask you a particular question, just ask her first.

You need to have the woman ask you a question that lends itself to the use of a Seductive Hypnotic Description. If she were to ask you a question such as, "can you describe your first kiss for me...?"...this would be the perfect opportunity for you to use a SHD. The best way to get her to do this is to ask her first. Just ask her a few lead up questions like which school did she go to and can she remember her first boy she had a crush on. From there it's simple to ask her, "...so do you still remember your first kiss...?"

By just talking about her first kiss with her is a great way to increase your connection with her. Whilst she's in your company she'll be experiencing those very same emotions and this is what will cause her to feel attraction towards you. Whether she is open to talking about her first kiss or not the question itself creates an exciting emotion within her. If she answers or not there's a very high chance of her asking you, "...well why don't you describe your first kiss for me...?

This is your chance to answer her with your perfectly rehearsed SHD. It would sound like, "...I do because it was a secret kiss...it was raining and everywhere was wet so we hid under this huge tree...I remember being surprised at how soft and warm her lips were even though we were both totally wet...the rain was actually dripping onto our faces from the leaves above as we kissed...her lips were so sensitive and I had to be so gentle with her...I never expected my first kiss to be like that...we snuck back to where we were meant to be both totally wet with a secret that was hard to keep..."

Now a lot of words in the above description can be associated with sexuality however they are not being used in that context. What gives a SHD its influence is the social innuendo that is attached to those words. When using words like these the sentences can become slightly confusing and this is what allows those suggestive words to bypass her conscious filters.

By using a soft seductive tone of voice and maintaining a smooth speaking rhythm the effectiveness of an SHD can be increased. This cannot be obvious whatsoever and has to be done very delicately for it to work. It is enough to simply add a slightly longer pause in between your sentences whilst performing a SHD.

You would only use two seductive hypnotic descriptions throughout a 40 minute coffee date and you wouldn't make them any longer than the example above. Make sure you practice and rehearse them alone so when it comes time for you to use them they come naturally for you. The more natural and proficient you become at using them, the better they'll work for you. They can definitely not be your only method of flirtation or seduction but they do come in handy when the situation is right. - 32509

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How to Hypnotize Mind-Control Anyone

By Christopher Cohen

To hypnotise somebody and move the person into a state of subconscious relaxation is perhaps more engaging and exciting an experience than getting hypnotized yourself. It takes a lot of patience and practice to be able to prompt hypnosis and use it successfully.

It takes both the hypnotist and his subject to take part similarly to be able to achieve the required results. In case the subject is not willing to let go control of his consciousness, and allow himself to drift away into relaxation, it would obstruct the work of the hypnotist. Therefore , before starting to hypnotise a subject, it's a necessity to clear all myths patients generally carry about hypnosis, like they'll fall asleep or give out their techniques. It is vital to build trust between the subject and the hypnotist. The subject should be sure that the only purpose of hypnotising him is that his mind would receive the message better in that state and respond more certainly. Once the subject is prepared, the particular process of hypnotism starts.

The subject should be seated in a snug position, uncross his legs and arms, wear loose clothes, and breathe deep. The room should preferably be quiet and dimly lit for better concentration. The hypnotist should speak in a steady, controlled, monotone voice, repeating phrases and getting the topic to sail smoothly and effortlessly along with hypnotist's voice. Instructions like, inhale deeply, let go, relax forget your troubles and tensions, you are completely relaxed now, deeper, higher etc are quite strong in achieving the required results. The hypnotist can accentuate effectiveness of his strategy by stroking the limbs, and talking slowly, permitting adequate time for each instruction to sink in. At no point of time should the hypnotist force himself upon the subject and bug the scrupulously bought subconscious state of the topic. In case, the desired results are not achieved in the 1st attempt, a patient 2nd attempt should be made.

When the subject has been brought under hypnotism, exercise uttermost care as this experience can be scary or unnerving for some. It's required to make the subject feel secure. Comforting phrases like do not worry, you are perfectly safe, everything's fine, you are in safe hands can help a hypnotist claim control without scaring the subject.

When bringing back the topic to awakened conscious, hypnotist must be similarly careful. Don't jerk the subject out of his state of relaxation. Again, go slow, count form one to five and lead the topic out of his subconsciousness. Keep telling the topic that he is going to feel much better, fresh, energetic and revitalized.

Across the process, the subject shouldn't get even the slightest concept of any hesitancy or absence of confidence on the part of the hypnotist. The subject must feel the hypnotist is perfectly in control, that he will not allow any harm to come to the topic. Only then does the subject give up control and surrender himself fully to the hypnotist. So to induce hypnosis, hypnotist should have supreme confidence in his ability and craft. Only then can he achieve successful induction. .

How Can Hypnosis Help You? - 32509

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Are Dreams Turned Into Reality Through Life Coaches?

By Andy D Gallagher

The job of a life coach is to assist and guide you in dealing with various issues in your life. In short, the main purpose of life coaching is to help the clients achieve whatever goals they have in life, or maybe help them get over difficulties in life.

All kinds of people can seek the services of a life coach. One could be on a very prestigious post and one could be a total professional failure; that does not matter. What matters is your need for someone to guide you for direction and support. A life coach can give you pointers about things, like a career change or regarding difficult decisions in your life.

Moreover, you could be a mother, or a housewife who needs to figure out what to do with her life. Finally, you could be a person who needs a more positive, and optimistic outlook towards life. No matter what the problem, a life coach can help you get through it.

There are two categories of life coaching. The first one is personal life coaching. For instance, there are phases when you are in confusion about what path to take. This crossroads state could be crucial and advice is needed at this stage. A life coach is just the right person you need. Or else, in another case, if you think you are lacking something in your personality, such as eloquence or courage, a life coach could be helpful in improving your traits.

Professional life coaching involves solving professional concerns. Whether career switches are feasible or alteration in approach is needed, a life coach could be the right person to provide advice. Also, all kinds of motivation problems can be effectively handled by a life coach. Not just that he/ she helps you weigh the pros and cons of each and every choice that you have in front of you, they help you making an informed decision. In addition to that, a life coach can help you improve your performance at work, through which you can excel at your workplace.

A life coach can definitely help you achieve your dreams. If you have a certain purpose in life, or a specific goal, you can always hire a life coach who can help you work towards the fulfilment of that purpose. Most of us have a dream that we want to bring to reality, and we know that we have it within ourselves to make that happen.

The strain and tension of everyday life leaves very little time for one to pursue personal dreams. In the course of this fight for survival, potentials happen to get wasted. A life coach can solve this problem by organizing the schedule of his/her client in a way that helps them balance the strings of their responsibilities. This is complemented by working on the motivation factor and pumping more optimism in the outlook.

These days, life coaching is turning out to be a popular profession with more people opting out for it. One can easily find a life coach with the help of a personal reference or through the internet, a decision that can help you achieve your life dreams. - 32509

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