Using Hypnosis For Seduction

By Richard Brus

On a coffee date there is a couple of good ways to flirt. One such way is using a technique called Seductive Hypnotic Descriptions or SHD's. By talking about certain topics you can easily incorporate this technique within the context of your conversations. SDH's will cause women to subliminally experience the feelings necessary for them to feel attraction. The most important factor when building a connection with her that is based in sexual tension is how you can make her feel.

There are lots of normal words that can be associated with sexuality and this is the foundation that Seductive Hypnotic Descriptions are built upon. 'Sensitive', 'hard', 'soft' and 'wet', are all average words that are laden with sexuality and innuendo. Seductive Hypnotic Descriptions make use of these words by utilizing them within sentences whilst describing something or telling a story. When an SHD is used to tell a story whilst adopting the correct tone and rhythm, a strong connection that is based in sexuality can be created.

The trick is to get a woman to ask you a question so you can answer her question with a SDH. The easiest way to do this is to simply ask her the question you want her to ask you. If you ask a woman what her favorite flavor of ice-cream is, 99% of the time after she tells you she'll ask you the same question back. If you want a woman to ask you a particular question, just ask her first.

You need to have the woman ask you a question that lends itself to the use of a Seductive Hypnotic Description. If she were to ask you a question such as, "can you describe your first kiss for me...?"...this would be the perfect opportunity for you to use a SHD. The best way to get her to do this is to ask her first. Just ask her a few lead up questions like which school did she go to and can she remember her first boy she had a crush on. From there it's simple to ask her, " do you still remember your first kiss...?"

By just talking about her first kiss with her is a great way to increase your connection with her. Whilst she's in your company she'll be experiencing those very same emotions and this is what will cause her to feel attraction towards you. Whether she is open to talking about her first kiss or not the question itself creates an exciting emotion within her. If she answers or not there's a very high chance of her asking you, "...well why don't you describe your first kiss for me...?

This is your chance to answer her with your perfectly rehearsed SHD. It would sound like, "...I do because it was a secret was raining and everywhere was wet so we hid under this huge tree...I remember being surprised at how soft and warm her lips were even though we were both totally wet...the rain was actually dripping onto our faces from the leaves above as we kissed...her lips were so sensitive and I had to be so gentle with her...I never expected my first kiss to be like that...we snuck back to where we were meant to be both totally wet with a secret that was hard to keep..."

Now a lot of words in the above description can be associated with sexuality however they are not being used in that context. What gives a SHD its influence is the social innuendo that is attached to those words. When using words like these the sentences can become slightly confusing and this is what allows those suggestive words to bypass her conscious filters.

By using a soft seductive tone of voice and maintaining a smooth speaking rhythm the effectiveness of an SHD can be increased. This cannot be obvious whatsoever and has to be done very delicately for it to work. It is enough to simply add a slightly longer pause in between your sentences whilst performing a SHD.

You would only use two seductive hypnotic descriptions throughout a 40 minute coffee date and you wouldn't make them any longer than the example above. Make sure you practice and rehearse them alone so when it comes time for you to use them they come naturally for you. The more natural and proficient you become at using them, the better they'll work for you. They can definitely not be your only method of flirtation or seduction but they do come in handy when the situation is right. - 32509

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